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July 9, 2015
Plumber Online

If you type “Toronto Plumber” on Google, you will get 523,000 hits. If you’re in the plumbing business, and trying to get clients, you have to somehow get noticed in that huge crowd. For most people that is a difficult proposition, what exactly can you do for plumber marketing?

Honestly, you can do quite a lot when advertising plumber services. Here are twelve ways to market your plumbing business.

1. Offer a How To Guide


Make a short guide on how to fix or avoid a common plumbing problem, about 5000 words is a good length. When someone contacts you or visits your website, give them a free e-copy, you can make it a PDF, a simple word document, or a link to a Google Document. At the beginning and end have your name, website, phone number and address. This is a great first impression, gets you email addresses, and if you let people share the guide, is free advertising of your plumber business.

2. Make Videos

Make videos of how to fix simple problems, of what happens if a person doesn’t fix a problem quickly, and how you deal with a plumbing problem. Then post it on YouTube, embed it on your website, link to it on Facebook and Twitter, and send an email to your email list. This shows your professional plumbing business and lets people know what to expect.

3. Blogs, Great Plumber Marketing


For your website, make a few blog posts focused on your plumbing business. Like the how to guide and videos, focus on telling people how to fix problems, why they need to fix problems ASAP, and how to find a good plumber. People love free advice, and if you offer it, they’ll know you’re a great, helpful person, and when they need a plumber they’ll call you.

4. Market With Another Business

If you team up with a construction business, or a janitorial service, you can share the cost of marketing, tell clients about each other, and generally double your reach. As a way to market services in Toronto this type of reach is invaluable.

5. Raise Your Prices

This sounds like the opposite of what you want to do, but people don’t always trust the lowest price, and many are willing to pay more for quality service. By raising your prices just a little higher than most other plumbers, you’re marketing yourself as being top quality. Try raising prices about 1 or 2 percent for a month and see what happens.

6. Give Your Company a Face

On your website and advertising use your face and show some of your employees, provide a friendly quote as well. Giving people a face to think about helps clients relate to you and your plumbing business better. This is why videos are increasingly popular for small businesses.

7. Thank Your Customers

After doing a job, be sure to send the customer something the next day by email. Make a thank you letter, and a gift like a free how to guide, or a discount on future services. People will remember that and will tell their friends, word of mouth is the best way to market a service in Toronto or anywhere.

8. Don’t Assume You’re Perfect

When you send the thank you email, ask the customer how everything is working, do they have any comments or concerns about the job, were they satisfied with the work? If there is a problem, try to fix it. Learn from your customers and thank them for letting you know about a problem. For many people having someone actually listen to them will be a big change and will probably make them come back even if the first job wasn’t perfect.

9. Beat Your Competitors

See what other plumbing businesses are offering as a promotion and try to beat them. You don’t have to beat them by a lot, if your biggest competitor is offering 20% off for a week, you can offer 30% off the same service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You’ll come out looking more generous, eat into your competitors clients and it won’t cost you as much money.

10. Get On Social Media

Join up with Facebook and Twitter. Make yourself known by linking to useful articles and videos about plumbing, post short tips for people, provide links to your videos and blog, and answer questions people might have. It’s free advertising, takes a few minutes a day to do, and can reach a lot of people. You can also show your promotions and services to a wider audience.

11. Email Lists

Get email addresses from your customers, visitors to your website and social media, then make a bi-monthly or monthly newsletter. Share links, write little how to articles, and of course talk about your business. By offering useful information people will read your emails, and not automatically put it into the spam folder.

12. Support a Cause or group

Get your name out there by supporting a local sports team or charity. People are always talking about supporting their community, by donating your time, money or services to a group you are showing your potential customers you care about them. You don’t have to be the biggest supporter, as long as people are saying you helped out, it’s good enough. The word of mouth is invaluable.

How to Market Services in Toronto

These marketing steps are fairly simple to put into practice. They’ll take some time and effort, especially at first, but once you get started, word of mouth will start to spread. As people talk about your plumbing business, you will see a huge growth in business. As a plumber, advertising is key to your business, and word of mouth trumps a thousands fliers.

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