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5 Things You (Wrongly) Believe About Google Analytics
February 28, 2020
John Vuong

If you want to know how your website is doing, you need to understand Google Analytics. It gives you information about traffic, clicks, and other user behavior. It’s a very powerful tool that is extremely valuable to anyone trying to market a business.

However, it’s easy to misunderstand what Google Analytics is telling you. Data, by itself, doesn’t tell the whole story.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for inexperienced marketers and business owners to fall into believing myths about Google Analytics. If this happens to you, you’ll make the wrong decisions simply because you misunderstood what was going on.

To help you avoid that, here are the basics of what you can learn from Google analytics, along with some common Google Analytics myths (and the truth).

5 Things You (Wrongly) Believe About Google Analytics

The Basic Metrics of Google Analytics

So what, exactly, can Google Analytics tell you? There are a variety of measurements that help you be successful.

First, there are pageviews. Very simply, this number tells you the number of times users have seen a page on your website. It includes page refreshes and movement between pages. The pageviews will help you identify your popular pages.

Second, you’ll want to look at time on page. How long, on average, do people spend on a given page? The longer people spend on a page, the more engaging and useful the content there is.

Third, look at the visits/sessions metric. This is overall how long people are spending on your website, regardless of what page they are on. The average session duration is the average time users spend on your site.

Finally, you can look at your traffic. This is the number of people who access your website overall. Direct traffic refers to people who type or enter the entire URL directly in the address bar. Referral traffic comes from links that show up in search results, social media, or other websites.

There are a variety of other metrics you can consider as well, from unique pageviews and visitors to clicks, bounce rate, and goals.

With all of this information available, what are some of the myths that lead people astray? Take a look.

5 Things You (Wrongly) Believe About Google Analytics

Myth: I Don’t Need Google Analytics

One of the worst myths isn’t about anything within the GA dashboard. Rather, it’s the idea that you don’t need Google Analytics at all.

Do you feel like you already know your user behavior and don’t need any more information? If so, you’re making a mistake. There is so much that changes over time – and there are deeper insights available as well. You might learn something new about your audience’s demographics, for instance.

The rules of business online are constantly shifting. By using Google Analytics, you can avoid being left behind.

5 Things You (Wrongly) Believe About Google Analytics

Myth: More Traffic is Always Good

We all love it when people view our content. Businesses spend a lot of time and money on strategies to get their brand and website in front of people. So the more people who visit, the better, right?

Well, sometimes.

The truth is that you want traffic that is interested in what you have to offer. If you have millions of visitors but no one buys your product or service, that traffic isn’t doing any good. You need to ensure you have high-quality content targeted specifically to your customers’ needs.

5 Things You (Wrongly) Believe About Google Analytics

Myth: Low Time On Page is OK

It’s clear we don’t want people to bounce off our business’ website immediately. However, some business owners believe that a quick visit is still a quality hit. They assume the person was looking for a specific answer, found it, and moved on.

The truth is we want a high time on page. Not only do we want people to learn from our site, a higher time on page is a ranking signal that can cause Google to rank your website more highly.

You want visitors to stick around, engage with your content, and visit a variety of pages. If the content is well-written and targeted, it should move them toward making a decision to join your email list or make a purchase.

In the end, the entire goal of your marketing, website, and SEO is to gain more customers and improve your bottom line! That’s why higher on page time is essential – it exposes prospects to more of your marketing.

5 Things You (Wrongly) Believe About Google Analytics

Myth: Traffic Boosts Mean Your Campaign Was Successful

If the point of SEO marketing is to bring in more traffic, then a bump in the traffic report means you did it right, doesn’t it?

Kind of, but there’s more to it than that. You definitely want more traffic, but you also need to ensure that the traffic you’re getting is the right kind. SEO is about traffic, but it’s about targeted traffic. You want to be bringing in ideal prospects for your products and services.

How can you know if your SEO was truly successful? By using all of the Google Analytics reports. They all have valuable information that relates to your optimization efforts. You can use GA to get a broad view of your overall improvement instead of focusing on single details.

5 Things You (Wrongly) Believe About Google Analytics

Myth: Understanding Google Analytics is Difficult and Expensive

A lot of small business owners shy away from understanding their analytics because they feel that it will be difficult to understand, and that experts are too expensive.

Both of these statements are false!

Google Analytics is certainly powerful enough to dive into technical details, but you can also use it to get a wider understanding of your traffic. Essential information is always easy to see and understand. If you want to get a feel for the health of your digital marketing, you can do so.

Also, it’s not prohibitively expensive to access professional help. At Local SEO Search we have the expertise to understand not just the overall landscape of your traffic, but each of the minute details as well. We can help you respond to changes and optimize to maximize the benefits of SEO for your company.

5 Things You (Wrongly) Believe About Google Analytics

Work With Local SEO Search for Google Analytics and Much More

As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. You’re trying to grow your company, develop new products and services, and manage your team. There’s no reason to also try to manage Google Analytics and your SEO efforts.

Instead, let Local SEO Search help. We have expert writers, search specialists, and designers who will work hard to improve your website and help you rank more highly in search. We also have a lot of experience in local SEO – it’s in our name! We can help you rank well for local keywords and improve your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack.

SEO is a huge field and there’s a lot you can do to attract, engage, and connect with prospects. However, very few small businesses are equipped to take full advantage of it themselves. Spend your time focusing on your expertise, and let us work our magic. Helping small businesses succeed is our specialty.

If you’re ready to see what Local SEO Search can do for you, it’s time to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. You’ll get 30 minutes with SEO expert and our owner, John Vuong. Discover what you’ve been missing – schedule your call today!

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