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April 23, 2017
Social Media Marketing

There are many unique (but discreet) ways to promote your business online. One method is image sharing, or “syndication”. When you upload images of your business online, it appears you are simply sharing something about your business. It is a relaxed way to introduce your business, products, and/or services to anyone viewing the images. Meanwhile, you are increasing brand awareness.

Here are the benefits of image sharing and syndication:

1. Increased search results.


When you enter a search query, Google provides a variety of content which the search engine thinks is related to your keywords. For example, if you search for “flowers,” the search results will likely be similar to this:

When you click on “Images,” you see all images related to flowers.

If you share your images online, they’ll likely appear in search results. This can also increase your rankings on SERPs.

2. Increase click-through rate.

Image sharing increases click-through rates. People are visual creatures and are curious about images that are appealing to them. When people click on images from your website, you might get valuable traffic to your site. Perhaps these images will influence new customers to purchase products or hire your services. If the images are uploaded on your social media account, visitors and potential followers might flock to your social media pages, too.

3. Reach people in less time.

People are easily attracted to images, making image sharing a popular method for SEO. Most of us prefer content that has images compared to content with none. When you share or syndicate images, you have an option to add a caption and a link. Use the caption to share a short description of the image and add a link pointing back to your site. Search engines take this as a form of backlinks, so take advantage of this option.

4. Make text or information stand out.

Incorporate text in the image to make a more powerful graphic. This is a creative way to make information stand out while increasing the likelihood people will remember the message you are trying to convey.

Business owners sometimes use this strategy when they hold a contest or a giveaway. Many people are drawn to text in an image rather than regular, plain text. By doing so, business owners entice people to participate in their contest or giveaway.

5. Humanize your business.

By sharing images on various high quality online sites, you humanize your business. Photos express “behind the scenes” aspects of your company that people don’t usually see. Potential customers are more interested in personalized shots, opposed to stock photos used by other companies. When people see stock photos, they doubt the authenticity of the business – be really be careful when choosing images to share or syndicate online.

Also, share images of your team. Potential customers will see who you really are and feel at ease, knowing they’re dealing with real people and a reliable business.

6. Showcase products and/or services.

Image sharing and syndication can showcase what you have on offer. More potential customers will see your products when you share images on the Internet. For services, show “before and after” images of the work you do. People will understand how well you’ve done your job as they compare the shots.

Take advantage of this image sharing strategy and reap the rewards! Local SEO Search creates catchy images for our clients’ online marketing campaigns. If you’d like to know more about this method, please call us at (416) 888-8765. Our team will share how you can get the most out of image sharing and syndication.

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