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SEO strategies shift and expand to help new and relevant business sites reach the top ranks of search engine results. In addition to strong links, valuable content, and well-managed social media channels, search engines rank companies with high citations.  

Citations are called the “new links” in the SEO world. By definition, they are online mentions (or references) of businesses from other sources or websites. Citations can be a mix of any of the following: the company’s name, contact details, physical address, or website link.

A sample citation can be a listing from an online directory or a membership from a Chamber of Commerce or industry-specific association. It could also be a simple mention from a reputable website.

Citations are key pillars in local search rankings because they largely contribute to the ranking algorithms employed by major search engines. Citations from well-established information portals help in website validation.

Increase your search engine influence through effective and strategic citation building.  Local SEO Search Inc. and our team of citation builders and partners can handle your local citation and SEO needs.

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