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October 16, 2020
John Vuong
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2020 has been hard on everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses to struggle, and many Americans have been out of work. April unemployment reached a high of 14.4%, after being only 3.8% in February.

The U.S. has been reopening slowly since mid-summer, but there are still a great number of companies that have yet to get back on their feet. One of the keys to succeeding is knowing how to effectively promote your company even in tough times.

Wondering, “How can I promote my business in these times?” Here are the tips and tricks you need.

Reevaluate Your Customers’ Needs

Reevaluate Your Customers’ Needs

Excellent marketing outreach starts with understanding your customers. You need to position your product or service as something that can solve problems and help your customers achieve their goals.

With COVID-19 sweeping the world, it’s likely that your customers’ focus has changed. If you’re going to effectively promote your business, you have to adjust your messaging to meet those new priorities.

For instance, many people are more focused on their family’s survival than on buying luxury goods. If you previously marketed your products as high-end luxuries, you may need to rework the outreach to talk about why your products are essential in these challenging times.

Unless you know what your customers are looking for right now, you won’t be able to meet those needs in your marketing and your sales will struggle.

Build Trust With Your Customers

Build Trust With Your Customers

At times like these, when people are less likely to open their wallets, trust is more important than ever. For people to be willing to purchase from you, they have to truly know, like, and trust you. Tough times are not when customers take a chance on an unknown purchase.

One of the ways to build trust is to make your brand more personal. What can you do to show the people behind the scenes? Putting a face to your brand makes it more likable and helps you stand out. Share stories of your employees, create candid videos, and do what you can to reveal relatable personalities

Secondly, share what others have to say about your products and services. Excellent reviews can carry as much weight as personal recommendations, so be sure these comments are front and center!

Send people a customer satisfaction survey right after they make a purchase. That’s when they’re the most likely to be willing to make a recommendation and share positive feedback. Use great reviews in your marketing on your website, email marketing, social media, and more.

Finally, address any concerns customers may have about how you’re handling COVID-19 or any other crisis. From sanitation and cleaning to how you care for employees, build trust by revealing the safety steps you’re taking.

When you promote your small business, these steps will help customers trust you enough to make a purchase.

Promote Your Business on Social Media

Promote Your Business on Social Media

People are staying home more and many events have been canceled this summer. So where are people finding entertainment? On social media!

There are so many ways to promote a business online using social media. For instance, you can run contests on Facebook, take advantage of trending hashtags on Instagram, or share beautiful pins on Pinterest.

Most small businesses don’t have time to be on every social media platform, however. As a result, you’ll want to think about where to promote your business online. Where do your customers spend most of their time? What platforms make the most sense for your product or service?

A company that wants to demonstrate its products or use unboxing as a marketing strategy could do very well on YouTube. Videos are ideal for those purposes. Videos can also be used on Facebook, although it can be more challenging since they rarely show non-native video in newsfeeds.

On the other hand, if you’re focused on young teens, you may want to learn how to advertise on TikTok or other newer platforms. Understanding demographics and how you want to present your marketing will help you decide how to promote your business online.

Take Advantage of Local SEO

Take Advantage of Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of your online marketing strategy. It can help people find your online store during this pandemic and also help them find your physical store location once your area reopens.

Using local SEO helps you maximize your investment as a small business. For a lot of products and services, people need to choose a company nearby. Lawn service in Tampa won’t help someone who lives in Kansas City!

Local SEO allows you to use local keywords, such as those that include your city or neighborhood, in your marketing. Instead of trying to rank highly for “lawn service,” focus on “lawn service in Kansas City.”

You should also complete your Google My Business profile to maximize the chance you have of showing up in Google’s Local Pack. This special feature is displayed above the first result. It includes a map, business names, contact information, and reviews. Being in the Local Pack can help people find your company quickly and easily!

When you promote a business online, SEO is essential. Local SEO helps you stand out from competitors and may even help you rank highly more quickly.

You Can Continue Marketing in This Challenging Time

Continue Marketing in This Challenging Time

It’s common to think that during a tough time, you need to cut back on business expenses — including marketing. However, staying consistent with your marketing is the only way to say visible and relevant to your customers.

When you reevaluate your customers’ needs and adjust your marketing accordingly, you’ll be speaking the message they need to hear most right now. You then build trust by showing personality and sharing reviews. From there, promote your marketing message on social media and using local SEO.

All of this is a lot to handle alone, which is why the most successful small businesses use a marketing partner. Local SEO Search has helped over 10,000 small companies excel online. We’d love to help you too.

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