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Local SEO Search Inc. provides full service online and digital marketing solutions for small- to medium-sized business owners. We build strong online footprints for clients that help convert web traffic into new customers and more revenue.

We have a proven track record of delivering customized campaigns to assist companies in their goal to dominate local online space. Depending on our clients’ goals, we provide a variety of expert digital and online marketing solutions. Our team of local SEO experts, link and citation builders, web and graphic designers, content creators, and business development managers work with each unique business to achieve success.

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Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO strategies must be frequently altered to meet the changing demands of search engine platforms. – Read more

Global & Full Search Engine Optimization

Business owners who want to expand clientele at an international level need to be noticed through global online searches. – Read more

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

In addition to having web and social media presence, business sites must be mobile-responsive and -friendly. – Read more

Shopify Search Engine Optimization

Businesses focused on selling products usually have Shopify accounts to reach more customers through an online channel. – Read more

Dentist Online Advertising

Given that dental and oral care have a major impact on overall health and disease prevention, many people today seek the professional services of dentists and denture providers. – Read more

Plumber Online Advertising

With commercial and residential developments cropping up nationwide, plumbing is easily one of the most necessary professions in Canada. – Read more

Physiotherapy Online Advertising

To be truly visible, choose a company that understands and implements the mechanics of SEO and is on top of current trends. – Read more

Tree Services Online Advertising

Companies specializing in trees provide a valuable service in our communities by planting and nurturing new growth, maintaining a healthy canopy, and removing fallen or damaged trees. – Read more

Car Repair Online Advertising

Almost every Canadian owns a car or personal mode of transportation. It’s no surprise that car repair services are a necessary and lucrative business in this country. – Read more

Chiropractor Online Advertising

Chiropractic medicine continues to grow in popularity worldwide as an effective treatment for injury, chronic pain, and a way to prevent health problems. – Read more

Strategic Link Building

To generate more traffic on websites, SEO experts apply link building services to Canada customers. – Read more

Website Design & Development

Globally, customers search online for information about a company before they make a decision to purchase goods or services. – Read more

Wordpress Theme Website

Local SEO Search’s WordPress web design services in Toronto offer multi-dimensional communication lines so users can scroll around your website from page to page or one link to another. – Read more

Customized WordPress Design

Users have ever-changing tastes for website designs, and savvy business owners adjust to suit erratic trends without compromising their brand image. – Read more

Visual & Video Creation

A website is a crucial element for business success: online users often randomly check a website and gain an impression of the company it represents. – Read more

Video Creation

Videos document images through sound and motion, which is why they are powerful channels of mass communication. – Read more

Graphic Design

Websites with images incorporated are an emerging trend for digital and Internet marketing. – Read more


Infographics are defined as visual representations of data that combine elements of text, images, charts, graphs, and diagrams, among others. – Read more

Banner & Image Works

Web banners are promotional materials published on websites that provide silent, long-term exposure for companies. – Read more

Logo Design

The logo is a key fixture in any company’s branding. This kind of graphic design serves to symbolize a business or institution. – Read more

Article Writing

The web can be a quagmire of information; it has greatly changed the way people think and behave. – Read more

Content Optimization

A strong website is packed with useful content to establish itself as a reliable hub of information for its  target audience. – Read more

Content Marketing

More people rely on web and Internet searches to direct them to products and services they need. – Read more

In-Depth Blog Content

Content is only effective when it can drive high-level engagement. – Read more

Social Media Campaign

The Internet expanded the global business landscape, and social media affords businesses new channels to expand their market reach. – Read more

Facebook Management

Year after year, companies increase their use of social media channels when they recognize the high impact this type of media brings to their business. – Read more

Google Plus Management

Google Plus (Google+) is a social media platform that provides businesses an opportunity to create company pages and promote their brand, product, or service. – Read more

Pinterest Management

Of all current and dominant social media platforms, Pinterest is, statistically, the most visual and attractive to female customers. – Read more

Youtube Channel Management

With six billion hours of videos viewed each month and 100 hours of videos uploaded every minute, YouTube has online dominance through its wide reach. – Read more

Citation Building & Account Creation

SEO strategies shift and expand to help new and relevant business sites reach the top ranks of search engine results. – Read more

Plumber Citation

In today’s competitive market, more people visit the Internet for information about plumbing services. – Read more

Dentist Citation

For local dentists, potential patients are often found online. To get your dental health website better search ranking, your clinic should be recognized as an official and reputable online brand. – Read more

Physiotherapy Citation

Online customers who need help with chronic pain or injuries often search the internet for local physiotherapists or PTs who can provide appropriate care. – Read more

General & Other Citations

Internet marketing does not require high costs to produce big results. Through citations, companies find new advertising avenues that can aid their expansion and success. – Read more

Reputation Management

Most users heavily rely on the Internet for product and company research, and they depend on a company’s online reputation to decide if they will use a business’ services or product. – Read more

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