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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important parts of digital marketing – especially for small businesses. It can be very hard for a smaller local company to compete with businesses that have more funds and can magnify their presence. SEO helps level the playing field.

There are a lot of aspects of digital marketing that help improve your SEO, from having the right SEO keywords on your website to having fresh blog content and high-quality inbound links. It’s a lot for a small business to handle in-house, especially since you want to put your focus on serving customers.

That’s why so many small business owners turn to a professional marketing firm like Local SEO Search, Inc. We know exactly what it takes to help you succeed online. If you’re ready to see how SEO strategy can make a difference for your company, set up a free consultation today.

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Why SEO For Small Business Matters

Why is search engine optimization so important to small businesses? The biggest reason is that it makes it easier for your company to stand out, no matter how large your competitors are.

Almost all consumer activity starts with an online search. Google is the biggest source of those searches, which is why companies focus on Google’s algorithm for SEO. Google doesn’t release the exact ranking factors, but we know there are hundreds.

The primary goal Google has is to serve up the most relevant and high-quality websites in response to a person’s query. The best way to do SEO for a website, then, is to make your website as authoritative and relevant to your customers as possible.

Being a local small business, like a car mechanic or lawn care company, is especially powerful on Google. Your customers can’t just choose any provider in the country – they need someone close by who can help them. When you use keywords that include your city, neighborhood, or street, you’ll be especially relevant for those nearby using Google.

In fact, if you have a complete Google My Business profile and other details, you may show up in Google’s Local Pack. This feature often appears above the top search result! It includes a map, business names, and reviews for companies that match the intention of the search.

As you can see, having professional SEO makes a big difference. You can’t just use online SEO tips and expect to succeed though. You need an SEO consultant that understands exactly how to use the most current strategies to create a comprehensive plan. That’s what Local SEO Search, Inc. can do for you!

The Factors That Impact SEO Ranking

There are a variety of SEO services you need to succeed with digital marketing. The various parts of optimization all work together to create an online image of your company that projects security, quality, authority, and relevance.

Some of the factors that are important are called “on-page SEO” because they are related to how you build your website. The use of keywords is part of on-page SEO, as is page speed, website security, and blog content.

The other part of SEO is called “off-page SEO” because it uses strategies that are not part of your website structure. These include encouraging reviews, getting high-quality inbound links, and posting regularly on social media.

When you choose a provider for SEO services, be sure that everything you need is included. There’s no sense in paying a monthly fee if you have to pay extra to have content created or get inbound links! Get a free consultation to find out why our packages are exactly what you’re looking for.

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Why Use Local SEO Search, Inc. For SEO Services?

Now you understand the basics of SEO and why it’s important. But why should you work with us? Why not choose an SEO consultant from another company, or try to improve your search ranking yourself?

Here are some things to think about.

You deserve great results from the beginning. Don’t waste time on DIY or another company. Instead, choose Local SEO Search, Inc. We’ll do what we do best – boost your bottom line with digital marketing – while you focus on your own expertise!

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