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People often talk about “small business” as though it were one entity. After all, aren’t all small companies the same, with the same needs in digital marketing?

No, of course not. If there’s one thing we’ve learned through helping over 10,000 small companies succeed with SEO and online marketing, it’s that having industry experience matters. To get the best results with digital marketing, we do a deep dive into exactly who our clients are and what makes them tick.

We find out exactly what our clients offer and what makes them unique. Dentists are different than physiotherapists, yes, but dentists are also different from each other. Taking the time to understand that and not offering a one-size-fits-all solution is what makes Local SEO Search, Inc. unique.

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What Industry Sectors Can Benefit From SEO?

What types of small businesses can benefit from digital marketing? It’s a bit of a trick question – they all can. If you want to be an industry leader, you have to be present and consistent online.

Almost all customer buying decisions begin with an online search. People don’t just look for clothes, books, or purses, either. They want services – lawn care, car repair, plumbing, and more. If your business is positioned properly, you can capture those prospects and turn them into customers.

Sometimes people are ready to buy right away – if your car isn’t running, you don’t have time to “think about it” before you find a mechanic! Others want more information before they decide to trust you – like understanding more about what goes into a dental procedure before they choose a dentist office.

Content on your website can address both sorts of people. Your blog will educate those who find your website and need more details before they purchase. Your product and service pages will help you connect with those who need an appointment today.

However, those pages need to be optimized. If your website isn’t considered authoritative, safe, and relevant by Google, your website will never show up in searches – which means to customers, you don’t exist.

Don’t lose those leads. Be among the industries growing quickly online and work with Local SEO Search, Inc. to have your website optimized based on your specific industry and company focus.

How Local Search Helps Your Small Business

In a lot of industries, the company you choose to work with is based on geography. Someone in Kansas can’t call a plumber from California, or take their car to a mechanic in Dallas. Being a local small business makes a big difference in many industries.

You might think that you should focus on local advertising instead of digital marketing. What’s important to realize, though, is that today digital marketing is local advertising. When you optimize your website, you need to use local terms that include your city, neighborhood, and even your street. This allows you to show up whenever someone nearby is searching for your services.

It’s also important to fill out your Google My Business profile completely, so you have a good chance to show up in the Local Pack. These special section of search results is highlighted and often above the top-ranking listing. The Local Pack includes a map, names of local businesses, reviews, and contact information.

If your website is carefully optimized, taking into account both your specific field and what makes your company unique, being local is a superpower. Don’t feel like you’ll be outdone by larger competitors – the right strategy can help you stand out to exactly the people you want to attract.

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Why Choose Local SEO Search, Inc. for Industry Expertise?

Now you know that SEO can benefit a variety of industries, but why choose to work with us? Why not pick a different marketing firm or even do your own digital outreach?

Here are some things to keep in mind.

As you can see, Local SEO Search, Inc. is the best choice for small businesses who want to tell their story and communicate what makes them stand out. We’ve helped over 10,000 small companies succeed with digital marketing – let’s get stared with yours!

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