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Almost every Canadian owns a car or personal mode of transportation. It’s no surprise that car repair services are a necessary and lucrative business in this country.

Those in the automobile repair industry know that for their business, timing is essential. When a car owner without a reliable garage experiences a vehicle breakdown, that potential client will likely search online for a local car repair shop. Some companies may be ignored by search engines. Without proper optimization, they will never stand a chance in the online market — no matter how good their business is.

With online advertising — and those who know how to manipulate it – companies that haven’t been current with their Internet marketing plan can now easily catch up and become well-known like their competitors. Online marketing helps more business owners gain visibility in the online space.

Advantages of Local SEO Search Online Advertising

Through the years, online marketing trends change. The strategies that worked previously may become ineffective today. Successful online marketing experts must stay ahead and help their clients reach the top.

Local SEO Search Inc. helps our car repair clients through online advertising and SEO that brings them to the top-ranking results in search engines. From (its inception in) 2013 to 2018, Local SEO Search handled the SEO for seven car repair companies in Toronto and other regions of Ontario. We offer:

  • Local and global SEO campaigns that suit your car repair business goals
  • Social media strategies to complete your customers’ online experience
  • Creative and engaging content for Internet marketing
  • Local SEO for Google MyBusiness, Bing Map, Facebook Map and Apple Map

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“Does John’s claim to put you on the first page of Google work? Absolutely. I got a call from a Ford dealer in Edmonton, Alberta. He had a 2013 Truck broken down at a Ford dealer in Abbotsford, BC. With a repair that the dealer couldn’t perform. He googled “Auto Repair Abbotsford” and we came up on top of the list. That job translated to a $2,400.00 repair. We would only have got that from our listings on Google. So far I’m seeing about a 5-10% increase in overall business since we joined with John. That is about $50,000.00-$100,000.00 in increased sales. Next year I plan on dropping a lot of my other advertising and increasing my placements with John. Not only that but he looked into our website and found out it was not Google-friendly. Now I actually have people telling me they visited my website as well.”

– Frank Talaber, Gerry’s Automotive

Be on the first page of Google for all car repair outlets in your area. Contact Local SEO Search for a free consultation and customized online marketing campaign for your business. Call us at (416) 888-8756 or email us at

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