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How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
June 17, 2020
John Vuong
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Google has been prioritizing websites that are mobile-friendly in search results since 2015. If your site is still non-responsive, not only are you losing customers who use small screens, your search engine optimization (SEO) is taking a big hit.

With more than half of web traffic coming from mobile devices, you can’t afford to neglect to optimize your website to be mobile-friendly and optimized for smaller screens.

What is mobile optimization? It involves improving your website so that small screen users have a great experience. This process enhanced mobile SEO. What can you do to improve your visitors’ mobile experience?

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Test Your Current Website

There’s no way to create a plan to improve your website without knowing where you currently stand. Fortunately, knowing how to check a mobile-friendly website is easy.

Google provides a simple tool to check how well your website loads on a mobile device. Simply plug in your URL, and Google will tell you if your site is mobile-friendly based on current standards.

Once you enter the web address, you’ll get a results page announcing the results. On the right side, you’ll see a screenshot of how your homepage looks on a cell phone screen.

Google also provides additional resources to improve your website, including a site-wide mobile usability report.

Choose a Responsive Theme

Choose a Responsive Theme

Wondering how to make a mobile-friendly website? It starts with a responsive theme. Some companies use custom web design, while others use themes that they purchase and customize. Either way, you need to ensure that your overall design is responsive to the size of the device being used.

Simply put, this means the website will automatically resize and reorganize features so that the content is easy to see and read on a mobile device. Is WordPress mobile-friendly? It can be — if you use a modern theme.

One of the most significant benefits of a responsive website is that you aren’t eliminating features for small-screen users. Instead, they get the full experience — it’s just rearranged. Giving full features to mobile users is essential since most people are using these devices to access your website.

Avoid Slow Loading Times

Avoid Slow Loading Times

The loading speed of a website is another one of Google’s ranking factors. Because people using mobile devices are often on 4G (soon to be 5G) speeds, they may struggle to load content quickly. A home computer that’s usually connected to a faster network can handle more complexity.

As a result, you should avoid content that uses Flash, since it can dramatically slow load times. Android and iOS devices don’t support Flash anyway, so you’re losing the effect you’re looking for.

You should also use caching, image compression, and other methods that help websites load more quickly. If you need help designing your website efficiently, consider working with marketing professionals who understand your needs as a small business.

Make Sure Your Content is Readable and Usable on a Smaller Screen

Make Sure Your Content is Readable and Usable on a Smaller Screen

It’s one thing for your web theme to rearrange content for a smaller screen, but it’s another for a user to be able to read it and interact with it.

Ensure that elements don’t overlap with each other, and that text doesn’t bleed into images. Text colours should contrast with the background enough to make reading easy, and text size shouldn’t be too small.

In addition to text, your buttons need to be large enough that they’re easy to click on using a smaller device. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to select one option and accidentally hitting the other because they’re too close together.

Make things simple and easy for your mobile users. You’ll get more traffic and build more loyalty, along with ranking more highly in search results!

Ensure Your Site Security is Top-Notch

Ensure Your Site Security is Top-Notch

Another aspect of web design that makes a big difference in SEO and customer experience is security. You want to start with an HTTPS protocol, but that’s just the beginning.

Work on data encryption, appropriately secure storage of information, and protecting your site from hackers and misdirects. Check your website regularly to ensure it hasn’t been compromised — it’s more common than you think for hackers to install malware on your site or redirect your domain to malicious websites.

If you don’t catch these compromises, your visitors will think your entire brand is spammy and let their friends and associates know it. In addition, Google can penalize your website for hacking and spam.

Optimize Your Website for Local Terms and High-Intent Searches

Optimize Your Website for Local Terms and High-Intent Searches

Because users of mobile devices are on the go, they may be looking for a place to make an immediate purchase. That makes mobile search engine optimization essential. You want to ensure that your website ranks highly in search results for these high-intent terms, such as “where to buy X” or “X near me.”

This means you need to optimize for local search terms, which are phrases that include the street, city, or neighbourhood you operate in. You also need a complete Google My Business profile so that you have an excellent chance to show up in the Local Pack. This special section shows a map of businesses that match the search criteria, along with contact information and reviews. It often displays above the first search result!

When your website is optimized correctly, you can maximize the advantages you get from designing with mobile devices in mind. Don’t overlook this critical step!

Mobile Optimization is Essential

Over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, and that number will only increase. It’s clear why mobile optimization is essential — you can’t afford to be left behind!

By choosing a responsive theme, keeping loading times low, making your content accessible, and keeping security high, you’ll be able to connect with users of mobile devices. With proper optimization, you can capture traffic that is ready to buy now and improve your return on investment.

Are you ready to get started with excellent website design and optimization? If so, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information today!

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