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The business landscape has shifted. In addition to having web and social media presence, business sites must be mobile-responsive and -friendly. In the past, online users (i.e. your potential customers) accessed websites on laptops or desktops.

Today, three out of four Canadians (approximately 76 percent) use smartphones. To keep up with dynamic market trends, take advantage of mobile SEO services to maximize your Internet marketing campaign — especially in major metropolitan cities like Toronto. Mobile SEO optimizes your business sites in Toronto so clients have a greater chance of getting clicks through mobile searches. You may also expand your influence through mobile SEO in Canada.

What We Do

Mobile sites must be responsive in design and usability to be considered mobile-friendly. Local SEO Search’s mobile SEO services in Toronto promote a specific strategy and process that optimize client mobile sites. We create opportunities for local businesses to stay on top of mobile search results and increase sales. Here are a few of our techniques:

  • Site audit. We conduct a site audit (using to check if a website is mobile-friendly. We identify fixes and improvements. Following the guidelines of search engine platforms (like Google), we make the site more likely to get real search engine results.
  • Site fix. Mobile phone users “bounce” (leave sites) if they are not mobile-friendly, causing businesses to lose opportunities for engagement. Fixing client site issues (e.g. reducing loading time to less than three seconds), makes web pages more attractive to users.
  • Functional forms. Mobile sites must create opportunities for users to engage with a business and/or take action — like buying products through accessible forms. We make sure these forms are easy to fill in and the number is visible “above the fold” (easily seen) for conversion to happen quickly.
  • Link building. We make our clients’ sites more visible to target markets by creating links to spaces that are useful to mobile customers (e.g. “Google My Business”).

The online market isn’t a trend; ignore it at your peril. Start improving your website, increasing online visibility, and reaching more smartphone users. Get started with effective and strategic mobile SEO services for Canada. Contact our expert team at Local SEO Search Inc. today to receive a custom mobile SEO experience.

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