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Marketing and SEO go hand in hand. While they are two completely different things, they each uniquely depend on each other, especially in this day and age when Google is the platform that you need to be seen on in order to drive relevant users to your products and services.

Internet marketing is a subject that many people don’t understand, so they wind up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing strategies when if they knew how effective something as simple as optimizing your website speed is to gaining more traffic, or building a responsive website that can be viewed all devices, they would have invested their money in a wiser, permanent and more efficient way.

User-Friendly Websites For Customer Retention

The need to have a responsive website that is user friendly is a necessity in today’s digital space of internet marketing. Having categories, images, content, banners on your website, does it make it look tacky and hinder its user-friendliness? Is your website too slow to display all your services and category links in an effective way that still serves your customer? How long will your website take to load? Are you using plug-ins or other things slow your website down? Are there techniques that are custom to your website that will make your ultimate vision user-friendly and SEO viable? What about the software stack that runs on your server and hosts your website? Are you using MySQL or Maria DB? Are you using PHP or HHVM? You need to ask yourself some of the questions so that your website is structured properly. Optimizing for speed and ease of use, enabling humans as well as search engines to access all of the information on your website very easily. These are things that a website design specialist at Local SEO Search that specializes in SEO Etobicoke, Internet Marketing and website design is trained to understand and deploy for your local business. Contact Local SEO Search Inc. at 1-877-689-5268 for a free quote!

If your website is not engaging, user friendly, attractive, fast load speed in addition to having a lot of content and links from reputable websites then your website is not living up to his true potential. The loss of any one of these five factors will eventually damage your ability to connect with customers who are searching for your products or services in your local market.

Local SEO Search is the Internet marketing and SEO Etobicoke company that offers the best and honest SEO service with a proven track record. Call us today at 1-877-689-5268 to get your business more exposure on Google, BING and Yahoo and for you to start appearing on the first page of Google organically!

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