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Having a website for a business owner is as important today as having a telephone number. Better yet, having a website is more important to some business owners than having a bricks and mortar storefront to your business. Proper website design gives your local business the ability to succeed online. This is why employing search engine friendly Web design from a great SEO Markham company that specialises in Internet Marketing services and custom Website Design is essential.

For website optimization, well written and compelling content plays an enormous role. It is because well-written content signifies the creditworthiness of your website to Google search engines. This content must be straightforward to the point, entertaining, informative and something that has the ability to keep the eyes of your visitors glued on your website, which is called engagement and this signifies to Google that your site is worth ranking higher on their search engine.

Avoid Splash Pages

Stay away from using strictly splash pages. Although splash pages can be a very convenient and efficient way to sell your products on e-commerce websites, they should not be the main attraction or the main selling proposition of your website. When you are building a search engine friendly website, Google is not going to be happy with only the 200 words that are posted on a splash page. Your success is more about providing engaging content, images, products, and services that is easy to find online.

Advertise your business Without the Use of Banner Ads

Using wonky and intrusive banner ads for internet marketing can rub a lot of potential customers the wrong way, causing them to leave your site for another, more user-friendly site. If you want to monetize your website, it is probably more efficient to stay away from affiliate links. By keeping your internet marketing strategy as subtle and covert as possible you will be avoiding a lot of the SPAM. Customers do not want to be forced to buy, they would rather be inspired to buy.

Functional Navigation

When you are focusing on website design, incorporating very simple and straightforward navigation is of the utmost importance. An amazing SEO Markham website design expert will stay away from creating very fancy flash websites because this reduces your page speed, prevents Google from crawling and indexing your website, and has negative impacts on search engine optimization efforts. Instead think about user friendly CMS platfords such as WordPress, allowing your website to display blogs, responsive website design, easy navigation, great user interface, and fast load speeds.

What Happens When your Website is too slow

Do not have videos or music autoplay in the background of your website as this may hinders your website speed performance and increase bounce rates. If someone is attempting to read or browse around on your site in a peaceful manner then the last thing they want to encounter is loud, blaring music or an intrusive video advertisement to distract them from a high-quality website optimization -enhanced browsing experience. If the user want to watch that video or listen to that audio recording then let them press the play button themselves.

Title, Description, H1 tag Optimization

Please make sure that you incorporate title tags, description tags and H1 tags on every single page of your website because Internet search engines collect all of that data and use it to organize their search results. Having a well built website with a reputable SEO Markham company will boost your revenues as well as increase your new client acquisition.

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