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It is important to consider the many facets of how a website is designed and how it performs on generating new leads and clients for a business. Search Engine optimization if a critical component to any local business that wants to generate more clicks, calls and new clients from major Search Engines. If you do not pay attention to the way your website functions you will have a very difficult time receiving any type of successful ranking in Google’s search engine. Here are a handful of tricks that you can utilize when you are developing your new website that will give you an advantage in ranking well within Google search results page.

Keywords in the Title Tags, Description, Header Tags

Putting focused keywords inside your title tags, description and Header tags are very important to optimize your onpage SEO strategy. But what is more important is to not stuff the keywords so that the information you provide is not organic or natural. When you use rich snippets as title-tags and descriptions, it enables potential customers looking for your product or service to display what is relevant to that landing page and this increases the quality score, click through rate and conversion rate of that potential customer. When you have the ability to write captivating tags, you will ultimately increase the amount of sheer traffic that you can receive from your results showing up in Google because people are more inclined to click on the link. For more information on this, Google SEO North York for the latest blogs and information on how Local SEO Search can help you generate new clients for your local business.

Internal Linking

Internal link building is important when designing your website. This not only allows potential customers to easily distinguish which page to click on but it allows them to easily navigate to specific pages. For example, when you go to a popular news website such as the Huffington Post, you often see links that are somewhat related to the topic of the article you are reading. Those articles links have keyword rich titles that show Google how important those pages are for that specific keyword.

Imagine you have 500 links inside of your website that all link back to a specific page, say the homepage. More people are likely to click on the home page of your website and Google spiders or more likely to crawl your homepage which means that your homepage is going to reap the benefits of yielding such a vast amount of links by being prominently placed in the Google search engine. T

If you have tons of hyperlinks all pointing to the most important web pages on your website and all of the important pages of your website all point to your homepage then your homepage will receive the most page authority.

If you have 100,000 links coming from different pages from all over the web for the internet marketing -specific keyword ‘dating’ and all of those pages point back to your homepage than Google will see your homepage as extremely important for the word ‘dating.’

You cannot accurately preplan all of the strenuous details that effective internal linking entails without hundreds of hours of investigative work. If you are looking for an SEO expert in North York, Ontario just Google SEO North York to find the latest information from Local SEO Search or call us at 416-888-8756.

Focus on User Experience

In regards to website design, another extremely important factor that has to be accounted for when building a website is the user experience that you are providing each customer. You could have all of the SEO and website optimization properly deployed on a website but if your website lacks the presence of captivating the audience with compelling images, videos, rich content than all your efforts are essentially lost.

Websites that have a combination of search engine optimization, great website design, amazing user experience has a strong authoritative website that users will trust and keep coming back. You cannot be successful online with great content alone, you must combine SEO and captivating content to create a website that captivates customers to want to visit your site over and over while purchasing products and services.

Local SEO Search headquartered in Toronto Ontario is an internet marketing firm that helps businesses across Canada with their SEO campaign. We are a full service North York SEO company that can help your business propel to the top of search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. Call us today for a free consultation at 416-888-8756.

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