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Most people panic when they see bugs. Especially if it’s an infestation. They scream, run, and joke about burning the house down.

Not you. You understand pests, and while you may not love them, you certainly don’t fear them. In fact, you like to think they fear you.

Understanding insects – their behavior, how they get into homes, and how to get them out – takes a lot of training and experience. You spend dozens of hours in continuing education to keep your certifications and learn the newest best practices. 

When it comes to digital marketing, though, you’re a lot more lost. It’s a whole different field, and you don’t have the time or energy to become an expert in two things. But it seems there’s no other good way to get new clients.

What can you do? 

You can partner with Local SEO Search, Inc. We specialize in internet marketing strategies for small businesses like yours. In fact, we’ve helped over 10,000 businesses in a variety of industries succeed. We’d love to help you too!

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What Are Pest Control SEO Services, and Why Do You Need Them?

When someone discovers a pest problem in their home, what’s the first thing they are going to do about it?

Ok, after they post a photo on social media.

That’s right, they’re going to contact a pest control company. And to find one, they’re going to turn to Google. They’ll probably search something like “cockroach control near me,” or perhaps they will look for pest control in their specific city or neighborhood.

Google will serve up a list of helpful results, from articles on how to handle that pest to the contact information for nearby exterminators. 

But are they going to find your business?

If you’ve been implementing the right pest control marketing strategies, the answer is yes. You’ll be one of the top results, because your website will have fresh, helpful content optimized for the exact keywords searchers are using.

In a word, you’ll be relevant. And Google loves to provide relevant results to users. That’s the power of search engine optimization (SEO) for pest control. You’ll show up highly in search results due to your high-quality pest control digital marketing strategies. 

The Power of Local Pest Control Online Marketing

Sometimes small business owners wonder if it’s worth the effort to invest in pest control SEO. After all, you may not have the money and staffing to make a huge investment. Doesn’t the biggest budget always win? 

When it comes to SEO, it’s not the size of your budget that matters. It’s how relevant you are to the user’s search. And as a local small business, you have a significant advantage. You’re local to the user!

As you know, people can’t hire just any pest control company. They need one that’s local to them, where the technicians can actually come to their property to do the work. 

And that’s where you shine. People aren’t searching for pest control anywhere, they are interested in pest control in their specific area. When you optimize your website with local terms, which include your city, neighborhood, and even street, you’ll be one of the top results available.

Not only that, but the right marketing for pest control will also help you show up in Google’s Local Pack. The Local Pack box appears even above search result number one, so it’s powerful! This feature has a map, business names, and contact information for nearby businesses that match the search.

It gets a lot of attention, and this form of marketing allows you to leapfrog even top search results. Being local is a superpower!

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Why Choose Local SEO Search, Inc. for Pest Control Digital Marketing?

Now you understand the power of digital marketing and you’re probably eager to get started. By why should you choose Local SEO Search, Inc.? Why not work with another agency – or try to take care of it on your own?

Here are some things to consider:

  • We Know What Small Businesses Need. A small company doesn’t have an infinite budget, and you need to make sure your marketing efforts are highly targeted. We’ve worked with thousands of small businesses and we know how to focus your efforts to get the maximum impact out of your marketing. No one-size-fits-all plans here – we create unique strategies for each client.
  • You’ll Get a Great Return on Investment. You can’t afford to invest in your marketing and wonder if it’s going to matter. Working with us starts with a 30-minute free consultation where we evaluate your current position and show you what we can do to help you grow. You won’t even get an offer from us unless we’re sure you’ll see great returns in your very first year of service.
  • DIY is a Disaster. Have you ever been called to a home that tried to DIY their pest control – with terrible effects? We’re sure you have! Similarly, we’ve been called to clean up DIY marketing as well. It’s simply not worth the waste of time and money to try to figure out an entirely new industry yourself. It’s best to hire the experts who understand the best practices and efficient implementation. 

It’s easy to get started with Local SEO Search. Simply sign up for a free, no-obligation consultation. You can get all of your questions answered and find out exactly how we can help you meet your goals.

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