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Why Local SEO is Important

High quality content is essential – for both search engines and customers. But to really make a splash, you need great content optimized with local keywords.

Useful, informative, locally-focused content helps people realize you’re an authority in your industry in the area where your prospects live. Prospects learn to trust you even before they decide to make a purchase. That’s why it’s so important to locally optimize your content – you want ideal clients who live near you finding that information.

Search engines reward websites that regularly publish locally-optimized content. Google has specific map and local pack search results that highlight nearby businesses. This means you can rank above the #1 search result!

Without the right local SEO strategy, you may be missing out on important customers even if you’re doing everything else right with content.

But it can be challenging to locally optimize your original content. And here’s the truth.

Most Local SEO Services Are Too Expensive — or Too Cheap

Local SEO optimization is extremely valuable to companies of all sizes. It generates leads indefinitely from a single upfront investment — unlike other forms of traditional advertising.

But local SEO can be too expensive. You may be wasting money on local SEO strategy if:

  • You’re trying to build your local search ranking yourself instead of focusing on what you do best
  • There’s no plan behind the keywords and optimization you decide on, so your content never ranks on search
  • You get traffic from your local area, but they aren’t the right leads and never turn into new, paying customers

Most businesses realize they need help from local SEO consultants. But too often, what they end up with are hasty, poorly-designed local strategies. The wrong keywords and approach means your local SEO rankings will never be what you hoped for.

There is a better way, though, and it starts with a free consultation.

We’ll tell you what’s working, what’s not and why — so you can start investing in local optimization that grows your business the smart way.


Get a Better ROI From Your Local SEO Company in the U.S.

At Local SEO Search, our local SEO experts create optimized content that brings in the right kind of visitors so they can become your best customers.

The locally optimized content you get as part of your SEO service package is:

  • Authoritative: Your content should show your authority and trustworthiness, so prospects understand you’re the best in your area. Well-optimized high-quality articles also attract shares and links from other sites
  • Optimized for SEO: Every article you publish pushes your site higher on Google for the local keywords that your ideal prospects are using in searches
  • Targeted: You want to draw in those local prospects who are most likely to buy what you offer, keep them on your site longer, and guide them to contact you first

Our team of article writers, editors, and SEO experts create locally-focused content that drives long-term growth — and it’s all included when you work with Local SEO Search.

Find out how Local SEO Search can grow your business with locally focused content when you book a call with owner and SEO expert, John Vuong.


Local Content Optimization From Local SEO Search

Content and local optimization go hand-in-hand, and that’s why you get both with Local SEO Search. 

Your locally-focused content is planned and developed in-house, with oversight from your specific account manager. It’s why we’re one of the best local seo firms for U.S. businesses.

Content Strategies

As we get everything started for you, we create a custom local content strategy for your company. Some search agencies use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but not Local SEO Search. We develop a unique plan, which may include local SEO for multiple locations if it makes sense for your company. You’ll love ways we bring ideal local customers to your site!

Content Writing

Every company needs regular blog content to keep their site fresh. These articles engage leads in your area, use the right keywords, and help you make sales. You probably also need more core website pages sharing local offers and bringing in targeted traffic. As part of your plan, you get both. Our services include research, writing and editing.

Content Publishing

Finally, relax while our team takes care of implementing your content plan. We do the work of discovering local keywords, setting up outreach, and publishing content to your website and your social channels. Everything is carefully reviewed before it goes live and is laid out attractively by our web team.

Blogger Outreach and White Hat Link Building Services

To start ranking in search, you often need a boost. Part of local optimization is having inbound links from other high-quality sites, but getting those links is time-consuming. We offer a blogger outreach service to create guest post articles and secure links that will help ideal prospects discover your website.

Ongoing Monitoring

A successful local strategy is maintained by carefully measuring results. We keep track of what’s working on your site so we can focus on the good and cut out the bad. You’ll also have our team monitoring your competitors’ approach so you can stay a step ahead.

Interested in getting all this as part of your monthly SEO package? Click the button for your free consultation.


Why Work with Our Local Content Agency?

Your website should be optimized with local keywords that help you rank well, drive more high-quality leads, and makes you feel proud about the way your brand is represented online. Getting that formula right isn’t an accident.

Work with a team that has a broad range of expertise: writing, local SEO optimization, and business growth. We have it all at Local SEO Search.

We’re proud of our experience helping over 10,000 local businesses throughout North America reach new levels of success. We bring a depth of insight other firms can’t. Local business is our expertise. We know what your customers are looking for and how you can stand out from the crowd.

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When you have a foundation based on high-quality data, you can finally start creating locally-optimized articles that grow your business even if you don’t advertise traditionally at all.

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