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What is Reputation Management and Why Do You Need It? 

People read reviews online all the time. Most people will read reviews from multiple sites before choosing to engage with your business. Making sure you have the best reviews possible, and strategic responses to any negative reviews keep you ahead of the game. It shows customers that you’re a business worth interacting with who cares about your customer’s experiences. 

Detailed, high-star reviews and appropriate business responses to them make any business look like a five-star establishment. Considering that you can’t control what people write online and you’re busy running your business day to day, letting reputation management consultants handle your online presence is your best bet. 

A great reputation management team will stay on top of positive reviews and be ready to combat negative ones before they even happen. 

But it’s tough to find management professionals who know what they’re doing, have an opening in their caseload for you, and actually care about your business. Plus … 

Most Reputation Management Services Are Too Expensive — or Too Cheap

There’s no question, reputation management in SEO is essential as part of your marketing strategy, it’s an investment you pay for once to keep your reputation on the up and up for good — unlike traditional forms of advertising.

But reputation management experts can be too expensive. You may be wasting money on services if:

  • You’re trying to come up with the perfect response to a negative review when you could be spending that time on developing and growing your company
  • Your non-copywriters create your responses without the expertise that it takes to calm frazzled nerves
  • Your reviews attract attention but not the kind that brings positive awareness and new visitors to your company

Some businesses realize they need help from a reputation management strategy company. But too often, what they get are low-quality, late-to-the-game responses. Employing companies that put your business to the side and forget about it until there’s a glaring review is a waste of your money. 

There is a better way, though, and it starts with a free consultation. 

We’ll tell you what’s going on with your reputation, what’s not working for you and why — so you can invest in reputation management for small businesses that grows your company the smart way.


Reputation Management Benefits and Challenges

The biggest challenge that a company has when working with reputation management companies is choosing how to communicate their brand message in a single, impactful review response. The best management services know how to effectively communicate in 150 words or less.

A great reputation strategy will work well in a variety of online environments. Successful marketing today requires you to have reviews online in multiple locations including your website and social media. You need someone who can be everywhere at once when you can’t.

Does your company’s reputation look great in every environment? Do people understand where you shine and see that you want to make negative experiences right?

Many businesses find themselves saying no, which means they need to work with a reputation management company that knows what they’re doing – and does it for the right price. 

Choose the Right Reputation Management Experts 

At Local SEO Search, our expert reputation managers make sure you’re putting your best foot forward on all the review platforms. They can help you come up with email copy to ask recent clients for reviews, as well as respond to customer feedback on your behalf.

The management  you get as part of your monthly service package is:

  • Fit For Your Brand: Your responses and company voice needs to fit your brand identity. We’ll create a custom logo design that fits the feel of your brand. The colors and layout will be chosen for appeal and messaging.
  • Dedicated, Personalized Attention: If you’re going to spend your business budget on a reputation management service, you need to make sure they’re actually spending the time they say they’re going to spend. You’ll be able to tell that we put in the work when you get your results! Our team is available for questions and strategy tweaks whenever you need them. 
  • Strategized: We never use the same strategy twice. Each company is unique and your business deserves a personalized action plan to keep your reputation as high as your profits.  

Our team of reputation managers deliver consistent results and act as your business’ wingman if you will. And it’s all included in one package price! 

Your Unique Business Deserves a Unique Reputation Strategy 

That’s why we do a deep-dive to get to know your business first. Before creating the right action that will draw others to your business, we:

  • Discover how visitors are engaging with your current reviews  
  • Find and feature reviews that capitalize on your strong points
  • Find out how your company meets customer needs better than others do
  • Read between the lines of negative reviews to help you improve
  • And see where your competitors are losing clients, so we can help you stand out

Find out how Local SEO Search can grow your business with excellent reputation management services and SEO when you book a call with owner and SEO expert, John Vuong.


Why Work With Reputation Management Experts?

The right reputation strategy should make your business memorable, drive more high-quality leads, and represent your company online in a way you’re proud of. Getting that formula right can’t be left to chance. 

You need a team that has a broad range of expertise and experience. Our experts are professional copywriters and customer service pros. They have years of experience helping businesses reach new levels of success. That’s what we offer at Local SEO Search.

We’ll manage your logo reputation action plan in-house, giving you a dedicated case manager and access to their team. Your reputation will be well-thought of and optimized for use on a variety of sites — not just to draw attention, but to attract the right potential customers who are ready to buy.

Our experience working with over 10,000 local businesses allows us to bring a depth of insight other design agencies can’t. Our specialty is local business SEO. We know you have an outstanding business – we want to be the ones that make customers realize it, too!

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