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What is Pinterest Management and Why Do You Need It? 

Over 250 million people use Pinterest each month. The platform is especially good for brands that have great images but want to share more in-depth information than Instagram allows. Using Pinterest is an excellent way to connect with customers, increase your brand visibility, and win sales. 

On Pinterest you can share many types of content, from popular quotes to links to high-quality blog posts to short videos. You can save other users’ engaging content for your followers while mixing in information about your own products and services.

Many people think that using Pinterest as a marketing tool is time-consuming and hard to measure. Not when you work with Local SEO Search! We take care of your Pinterest posting schedule so that you can focus on helping your company be successful. 

High-quality pins on Pinterest show that you’re a leader in your industry. Social media helps you meet prospects where they spend the most time online, while pulling them closer to your business.

But it’s tough to get high-quality Pinterest social media management. And here’s the truth.

Most Pinterest Account Management Is Too Expensive — or Too Cheap

There’s no question, Pinterest business marketing is valuable. As part of a well-designed SEO plan, a Pinterest pin is an investment you pay for once that keeps generating engaged leads indefinitely — unlike other types of marketing.

But your Pinterest marketing campaign may be too expensive. You may be wasting money on this if:

  • You’re spending hours pinning when you could be spending that time building your company and doing what you do best
  • You approach Pinterest without a plan, so your posts never do well enough to make an impact on your traffic, brand, or bottom line
  • Your Pinterest content brings in traffic but not the kind of prospects that convert to high-quality customers

Many companies realize they need help from a Pinterest management team. But often what they receive are low-quality, poorly planned pins with no plan or optimization. Unfortunately badly run Pinterest marketing means your content won’t bring in traffic or make prospects feel they know, like and trust you enough to buy your products or services.

There is a better way, though, and it starts with a free consultation. 

We’ll tell you exactly how Pinterest can benefit your business — so you can start investing in content that grows your business the smart way.


The Power of Images

One of the largest benefits of Pinterest is that it’s entirely focused on images, but it’s easy for people to click through to a website or article for more information. 

The images catch the eye and help draw attention while enhancing memorability. Using images improves the ability to remember information to 65%, up from 10% for text alone. 

With Pinterest you have the opportunity to engage using images without losing the ability to talk about more complex topics. Sharing a pin with a high-quality image gives you a chance to capture attention quickly and bring people to your website. 

It doesn’t get much better than that! Working with the right Pinterest marketing agency makes all the difference.

Get a Better ROI When You Choose Pinterest Marketing

In order to make the most of your Pinterest investment, you need content that is high-quality, engaging, and a mix of promotional and non-promotional material. You need to take advantage of group boards and other traffic techniques to grow your business.

The Pinterest content that’s included as part of your monthly service package is:

  • High-Quality and Engaging: Whether you need video clips to showcase your products and services, or you want to share encouraging quotes or get followers to read a high-quality blog post, we can create what you need.
  • Designed For Long-Term Connection: Your Pinterest content won’t just be updated occasionally. Instead, your account will have consistent pins designed to help people know, like, and trust your company.
  • Targeted: To engage those who are most likely to buy what you offer, bring them directly to your website, and guide them to contact you before competitors

Our team of Pinterest marketing specialists post content that drives long-term growth — and it’s all part of working with Local SEO Search.

Your Business Is Unique — And Your Pinterest Strategy Should Be, Too 

That’s why we do a deep-dive into your company first thing. Before we create the pins that will help prospects build a relationship with your business, we:

  • Discover how visitors are engaging with your current pins — and where they’re losing interest
  • Determine precisely what types of pins will create the most impact
  • Find out how your company meets the needs of each client better than any competitor
  • Understand what pins and content prospects need to feel confident choosing your company before others
  • Review your competitors’ Pinterest strategy to find ways you can stand out and draw more engagement

Find out how Local SEO Search can grow your business with excellent Pinterest content when you book a call with owner and SEO expert, John Vuong.


Why Work with Our Pinterest Marketing Agency?

The right Pinterest pins will engage your followers, bring high-quality traffic and leads to your site, and represent your company online in a way that you’re proud of. Getting that formula right can’t be left to luck. 

You need a team that has the full scope of expertise: Pinterest marketing, SEO, and business growth. That’s what we offer at Local SEO Search.

Your Pinterest posting schedule will be handled in-house by a team of skilled designers. Every post will be high-quality and optimized for engagement — not just to get likes and followers, but to attract ideal customers who are ready to buy.

We’re proud to have worked with over 10,000 local businesses, and as a result we bring a unique wisdom other agencies can’t. Local business is our expertise. We know what pins will appeal to your customers and what approach helps you stand out from the crowd.

Qualify for $999 in Free Social Media and SEO Consulting

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When you have clear data at the base of your understanding, you can finally use Pinterest marketing in a way that helps your business grow even if you don’t use traditional advertising at all.

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