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High Quality Inbound Links Will Build Your Search Rankings


What is Link Building and Why Do You Need It? 

One of the biggest factors in your search engine ranking is your website’s authority. You need to show users and Google that your site is reputable and has high-quality content.

How does Google decide you’re an authority? Often, it’s by checking which high-quality websites link to yours and what context those inbound links have. 

The truth is, gaining inbound links is really difficult. Getting high-quality websites to mention you is a challenge, and submitting your site to low-quality link farms will hurt your rankings. 

That’s why Local SEO Search includes SEO link building services in our packages. We work with high-quality domains to create guest posts that include a link to your website. Those inbound links help Google recognize that you are a trustworthy site and rank you more highly for your specific keywords.

You also need internal linking strategies within your website that boost the visibility of specific pages, and outbound linking techniques that show your content is supported by high-quality sources.

But getting SEO link building right is tough. And here’s the truth.

Effective Link Building Strategies Can Be Too Expensive — or Too Cheap

Excellent inbound links are obviously valuable. As part of a well-constructed SEO plan, link building is a strategy you pay for once that keeps boosting your search results indefinitely — unlike other forms of advertising.

But link building strategies can be too expensive. You may be wasting money on link building if:

  • You’re focused on winning inbound links by yourself instead of doing what you do best
  • You don’t have a strategy for your link building tactics, so you never get results in your SEO or your bottom line
  • Your links improve SEO and bring in traffic but not ideal leads that convert to new, paying customers

Many businesses understand why link building is important. But too often, they work with a link building company that gives them low-quality, poorly planned guest posts and links. Unfortunately a sloppy approach to getting links means your company won’t win the trust of Google – and may actually get dropped in rankings instead.

There is a better way, though, and it starts with a free consultation. 

We’ll tell you exactly how link building can benefit your business — so you can start investing in links that grow your business the smart way.


Why Link Building Matters

Inbound links matter so much because Google uses them as a key indicator of authority and trustworthiness.

The quality and authority of the linking pages are applied to your website. It’s a great way to boost your SEO ranking quickly, while your other strategies ramp up. 

However, it’s essential to act honestly. “Black hat,” or under-the-table strategies can cause penalties from Google instead of higher rankings. Avoid low-quality directories that claim to boost your SEO – most will cost you significant amounts of traffic.

Inbound links have an additional benefit – you can get extra traffic when your website is linked on a page where the readers are interested in what you do. When they read a blog where you are mentioned, they may click through to your blog post or product listing. 

As you can see, link building is a true win-win for your company! 


Get the Best Results From Your Linking Strategy

Choosing the best link building service is essential to your SEO results, which is why we’re proud to provide top results here at Local SEO Search. 

Your guest posting, linking, and SEO strategy are planned and developed in-house, with oversight from our link building experts. It’s a key part of how we work to help your company succeed.

Creating a Linking Plan

As you begin your services with us, we create a custom link building strategy for your company. This plan is designed to maximize your website’s visibility and boost your standing in search results. 

Inbound, Internal, and Outbound Links

There are three parts of link building that are all essential. You need high-quality inbound links from guests posts, mentions, or interviews. Internal links between your website pages and blog posts help boost their visibility. Finally, you need outbound links that show you use reputable websites as sources for your facts.

At Local SEO search we focus on all three. You truly get the best link building services available!

Consistent Monitoring

All successful strategies are maintained by measurement. We keep track of how your links and search rankings are doing so we can continually improve. Our team will also monitor your competitors’ link strategy so you can stay a step ahead.

Interested in getting all this as part of your monthly SEO package? Click the button for your free consultation.


Why Work with Our Link Building Agency?

A great strategy using links won’t just boost your search rankings, it will catch the eye of your customers, bring in more high-quality leads, and represent your business online in a way that makes you feel great. Getting that formula right isn’t an accident. 

You need a link building team that has the full range of expertise: link strategies, SEO, and business success. That’s what we offer at Local SEO Search.

Your linking and SEO strategy will be managed in-house by our SEO Manager and a team of skilled marketers. Every guest post will be high-quality and optimized for search — not just to boost search rankings, but to attract the right customers who are ready to buy.

We’re proud that we have worked with over 10,000 local businesses throughout North America. As a result, we bring a depth of insight other agencies can’t. Local business is our expertise. We know what strategies for link building will boost your SEO and attract new customers, while helping you stand out from the crowd.

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When you have a firm foundation on real data, you can finally use linking strategies in ways that help your business grow even if you don’t use traditional advertising at all.

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