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Of all current and dominant social media platforms, Pinterest is, statistically, the most visual and attractive to female customers. Users share and save visual content to virtual collections called “boards,” and use their Pinterest accounts to look for inspiration and ideas about new products to buy.

More than two-thirds of Pinterest users discover a new brand or product through the platform, while 93 percent make purchases from brands that are featured as promoted “pins.” This is what makes the platform inherently powerful: companies can maximize on the visual and aesthetic appeal of their brands to influence the purchasing decisions of users.

To support companies in marketing initiatives, Pinterest offers business accounts that contain specific features like analytics and paid advertising options. Companies can now use these features to target specific audiences, pay for each pin engagement or visit, and track how their promoted pins performed. The platform already provides a potential market; companies can tap into this potential through attractive Pinterest content.

Local SEO Search Inc. and our creative team incorporates effective SEO tactics to develop and organize engaging and “pin-worthy” boards. With our experience and expertise, we do the work for you. Our integrated social media program promotes your products and services on Pinterest effectively.

Organizing interesting Pinterest campaigns doesn’t have to be your talent; we do all the hard work for you. Call us now for a free and in-depth consultation: (416) 888-8756.

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