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June 19, 2015
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“Out with the old and in with the new.”

How many times have we heard that phrase? Does this also apply for SEO strategies? Which old tactics worked in the past and do they still hold in true for your present SEO strategy?
Let’s face it, Social Media and many innovative new technologies have changed the SEO landscape over the past few years and this landscape is still evolving.



Thank goodness Panda arrived and made content-for-SEO-purposes-only a thing of the past. Those conscientious SEO people saw that having great content should be the foundation for a website’s success. Experts see content in the future conforming to Google’s recognition of the changes in the way people search and the use of conversational queries. These queries should address the user’s need to have their questions answered. Hummingbird was created for this purpose. And so today’s content strategies should fill the answers of these queries if they want to be successful at driving organic traffic in searches.

Having mobile-friendly content is critical to be successful in the ever changing SEO landscape today. The purpose of mobile searches are different than desktop searches. For the industries that satisfy *immediate need searches*, restaurants satisfy the need for food, plumber satisfy the need to fix your drainage, pest removal satisfy bed bugs emergency, dentist satisfy the need for tooth pain, etc. By understanding your audience and their needs, you will be better positioned to dominate your local industry.

Having a responsive website is needed to satisfy both desktop and mobile customers. Multi-media platforms should also be considered. We are talking about videos and pictures which are still considered a form of content. It has already been established that Google has now been surpassed by YouTube as a search engine because we all know what dominates engagements in social media – you guessed it – pictures and videos. Social signals may be the next most significant factor in Google’s search algorithms if it is not already.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO hasn’t really changed that much. The strategy that most SEO companies did was to make sure the content on your website can be seen by Google and that your website’s structure is user-friendly. This is still the same strategy with some spammy on-site SEO strategies being abused. Most of which are seen on the content of your pages and on the META data.

Link Building

The arrival of Penguin made Google’s capacity to combat link spam and other common shortcuts very easy. Like before, it was always good practice to build high quality backlinks. It still is until now. The strategy before was to find hundreds of links per month. Those days are over. But you have to take into account whether link building is worth it using the traditional outreach methods.
Remember, for today’s SEO practices, content is the main factor in link building. The best strategy is targeting your content to specific demographics and getting that user to read that content.
Social Media has become one of the best (if not the best) platforms to market and advertise your content in the most cost-effective way. The other way might be having your own PR department or having your own PR agency. By using social media, brands can engage their loyal followers. We may soon see that the traditional link-building strategies may be eclipsed by giving your brand social citations to make it rank well in Google SERPs.

Evolving SEO

SEO is evolving and your SEO strategies need to change with what the market commands. Companies that use shortcuts will only be a waste of resources and can hurt your chances of ranking in organic searches in the future?

Ask any SEO expert and they will tell you that it isn’t easy to find ways to effectively utilize social media and provide quality content for SEO. A framework or template for each and every website does not exist. The best advice is still to focus on your target audience and be the industry expert in your market and find ways to reach out to them more effectively.

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