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Web banners are promotional materials published on websites that provide silent, long-term exposure for companies. This is done by providing their name, logo, contact information, and website link. Banners can be static or animated, depending on the technology applied, and serve a basic function: to inspire users to click on them and be redirected to the advertiser website.

Companies use banners because they are affordable, measurable, and effective channels to increase brand awareness and web traffic. Websites incorporate banners as a creative online marketing and communications tool that stimulates a response. If done effectively, a banner will influence more users to visit and stay on a business website, read information about the company, and purchase products or services.

Graphic design is a critical aspect in banner success. With online advertising and banners becoming more mainstream, users are more cynical about clicking on ads; banners must be irresistible to serve their purpose.

Local SEO Search Inc. creates banners with clickable appeal that drive web traffic. We have a complete in-house team of SEO managers, website designers, graphic designers, citation builders, article writers, link builders, and account managers to help revamp your website and beat the competition. Our banners are:

  • The right size for customer appeal
  • Consistent with corporate brand
  • Trendy and eye-catching
  • Laptop- desktop- and mobile-friendly
  • SEO-responsive

Expand your influence in the online world with compelling banners. Contact our expert team for a free website analysis today: Call (416) 888-8756 or email us to learn more about our graphic design packages.

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